December 2019

“Goose Lookout” Pastel SOLD
“Amorous Flamingos” 56cm x 46cm Oil £90

This last spring I got particularly interested in painting birds and used both my favourite mediums: pastel and oil.

Baby Sparrow Pastel
“Goose Head” Pastel 20cm x 29cm £75

During the late spring, summer and early autumn months I did very little painting as the garden took over all my time and creative abilities, and when I did try to paint nothing seemed to go well. I now have a stack of rubbish paintings that I may, one day, go back to, or I may paint over.

Recently I have returned to painting with more vigor, enthusiasm and the palette knife. I have really enjoyed using the palette knife, and have tried it out on landscape, florals and even birds.

“Sunset from Beacon Hill” 40cm x 30cm Oil £85
“Four Hydrangeas” 26cm x 30.5cm Oil £50

Using the palette knife has helped me to loosen up and try new ways of painting. Most recently I have been working on Autumn leaves, using a rag to spread the paint and a brush to spatter the paint.

I have been having a lot of fun and also selling quite a few paintings as Christmas approaches.

“Sunflower” 40cm x 40cm Oil £80
“Baby Swallows” 30.5cm x 25.5cm Oil £65
“Two Horses on Hay Bluff” Oil
“Tintern Abbey in the Mist”
“Autumn Walk”
“October Delight”

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