Goodbye 2020

I am writing this on New Year’s Day 2021. Although we are all glad to see the back of 2020, it was a good year for my painting. With amazing weather as well as being confined to home, I spent much of the spring gardening. This didn’t allow me much time for painting, but I was able to tend, grow, pick and photograph many beautiful flowers.

The spring was also a good time for selling paintings online all over the world as everyone went into lockdown and galleries were closed.

The summer was not quite so good weather-wise, so I picked up my paintbrush and started painting some of those flowers:

“Spring Bouquet” This one sold as soon as it went into the online gallery
“Hydrangeas, Cornflower and Fennel”

The birds were busy in the garden throughout spring and summer, and a joy to watch, photograph and paint.

“Catching the Worm”
“The King Surveys his Realm”

Birds have now become a favourite subject for me now, and I keep stretching myself with new techniques and use of colour.

“Flying Stork”
“Silent Hunter”
“Great Tit and Peanut”

I still have not achieved what I am striving for, but maybe that is what painting is all about.

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