Settling in

Floral Ballet ResizedFloral Ballet

We’ve had some nice spells of sunny weather recently, and even some warmth. The birds are nesting and the trees are flowering – this is a very pretty place in the spring.

Looking down on the village.

2014-03-09 At the Anchor 1 Resized 2014-03-09 At the Anchor 2 Resized Sitting outside the pub.

A couple of weeks ago we had a new kitchen installed, and now we are hoping to get planning permission for 6 new windows. Our house is at the bottom of a steep valley so we lack light, and we could certainly do with more windows in the house.

2014-03-09 Rushbrook Resized Looking down on the house from the steep valley side.

2014-03-15 Kitchen 14 Resized 2014-03-15 Kitchen 15 Resized 2014-03-15 Kitchen 13 ResizedNew kitchen

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