The rain continues into February!

The weather continues very wet with the jet stream sending us a constant procession of storms off the Atlantic.

We haven’t been out walking much lately, partly because of the rain, and partly because we have been very busy with house stuff. We have lots of plans for the house, some of which we have started to put into action – we will have a new kitchen installed this time next month, and I have done some re-decorating in the utility room. That involved painting but is, unfortunately, the only painting I have done!

However, I have been giving Izzy art lessons, which has been fun.

Izzy turned 7 at the end of January – it was the first of her birthdays that we were able to celebrate with her. We were so happy to see her on her birthday, and to attend her pool party the next day.

Pictures of Izzy after swimming at her pool party:

2014 02 1st Izzy's Party 7 2014 02 1st Izzy's Party 3





The girls put on a dance show for us in our living room:

2014 01 26th Izzy & Charley dancing 1 2014 01 26th Izzy Dancing

Charley drawing:

2014 01 26th Charley drawing 2

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